This is a pre-order for next season's 2024-2025 models!!来期2024-2025モデルの予約販売となります!!MQ05000 GALAXXY jacket EM 998 kaiganbk !!

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※This is a pre-order for next season’s 2024-2025 models.

These products are only to be pre-sold for the next 2024-2025 season, and will not be shipped straight away.

Please read and understand the following points before purchasing.

①Please purchase only if you understand that the product will be shipped in November 2024.

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please purchase only if you understand that after placing your order, we will send you an email confirming that the item has been shipped, even though the item has not actually been shipped.

Once again, please only purchase if you understand the above precautions.

※MQ05000 GALAXXY jacket EM 998 kaiganbk

※GALAXXY jacket with coolness on a universal scale

※Artist KATHMI’s “open eyes” is the focus of this piece

Water resistance is 30,000mm, moisture permeability is 8,000g/m2-24h.
RRP is 55,000 yen

※We will be assigning the gift for your reservation

※this Pre-order bonus gift campaign will end as soon as stock runs out. Our apologies if you miss out!





以上の注意点をご了承いただいた方のみお買い求めいただきますよう、重ねてお願い申し上げますm(_ _)m。

※MQ05000 GALAXXY jacket EM 998 kaiganbk

※"宇宙規模でもかっこいい"がコンセプトのGALAXXY jacket

※アーティスト "KATHMI"による作品、"開眼"がポイントです


※メーカー希望小売価格 ¥55,000-(税込)の商品です。



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¥50,000 tax included